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Marvel Heroes boss sees nothing wrong with the price of £130 Ultimate Pack

Gazillion Entertainment head Dave Brevik sees nothing wrong with the £130 price tag on Marvel Heroes' Ultimate Pack, the veteran designer told Eurogamer.

The pricing of the limited-edition starter pack surprised many when it was announced earlier in the month as part of a Founders Program offering tiered packs at different price ranges; however, Brevik maintains players typically spend even more than the £130 price of the Ultimate Pack in online and free-to-play titles.

"If you stop to think about it, many people have spent way more than that on World of Warcraft or League of Legends," Brevik said.

"You have to realize how much you're getting for that Ultimate Pack. That's one of the packages available. We have other packages available as well that have a different price point.

"There have been other games that have done this," Brevik went on to say. "There are plenty of Collector's Edition-type things that are well over $100. This does happen. This is optional. You're getting over 20 heroes and all these costumes. It is an incredible amount of content you're getting for this."

According to Brevik, while the pricing of this pack seems expensive, players will "in the long run [save] quite a bit of money." The Ultimate Pack includes over £480-worth of in-game content, including all Marvel Heroes characters, all costumes, in-game currency and early access.

Marvel Heroes is currently in closed beta, with a planned release scheduled to hit this spring.

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