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Two more eSports professionals banned from League of Legends for 'toxic' behavior

Developer Riot Games has permabanned two more professional eSports players from League of Legends after numerous reports of inappropriate behavior, according to a post on the League of Legends community forums.

Players Ilyas "enVision" Hartsema of Mousesports and Damien "Linak" Lorthios of Against All Authority will not be allowed to take part in this weekend's League Championship Series Season 3 Qualifier or play in the Series for the remainder of 2013.

According to reports from the League of Legends Tribunal, the game's disciplinary committee, Hartsema was reported for bad behavior in 29 percent of his total matches. Information gathered from Hartsema's alternate account "JungleReject" showed that out of 135 games he was reported 436 reports times. Prior to this, Hartsema has already received 18 punishments and two alternate account bans.

Lorthios, who has previously received seven punishments and one alternate account ban, had a 20 percent report rate across his matches. The Tribunal reports that Lorthios' behavior "worsened in the past three months, even as his team advanced into the upcoming League of Legends Championship Series Season Three EU Qualifier."

Out of the 0.06 percent of European players demonstrating the worst behavior in LoL this past month, both Hartsema and Lorthios had peak harassment scores. The Tribunal's report states that both players have "consistently engaged in behavior which violates the letter and spirit of the Summoner's Code," the LoL code of conduct, and their "persistent tendency to engage in verbal abuse, insults and offensive behavior is unacceptable for any player, especially a high-profile eSports competitor who has a regular opportunity to lead the community by example."

The Tribunal's final ruling states that both have been permabanned for having "violated the Summoner's Code in a systematic and unrepentant fashion."

In December of last year, Riot Games' banned professional eSports player Christian "IWillDominate" Rivera from the League of Legends Championship Series for "persistent toxic behavior" and ill-treatment of lesser experienced players.

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