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The Macedonians are Total War: Rome 2's third playable faction

The Macedonians will be a playable faction in Total War: Rome 2, the upcoming strategy game from The Creative Assembly, according to a recent post on the Total War Facebook page.

The game's official wiki describes Macedon as "an administration, with the king holding power and governing in the name of the people." Led by Antigonus Gonatus, "agriculture, forestry and the taxation of ports" feed its economy alongside the king's silver and gold mines. Macedonian troops specialize in infantry and cavalry and have advantages when fighting other factions born of ancient Greece, as well as barbarians. The developers and publisher Sega previously announced the Roman Republic and Carthage as playable factions.

For more on Total War: Rome 2, check out our interview with lead designer James Russell, the game's first trailer and a developer diary from Dec. 2012 about how The Creative Assembly incorporated the Battle of Carthage into the game. Total War: Rome 2 is scheduled for release on Windows PC in October 2013.