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Max Payne 3 Deathmatch Made in Heaven DLC introduces cattle prods and pepper spray

The final downloadable content pack for Max Payne 3, titled Deathmatch Made in Heaven, brings with it five new weapons to use in its four co-op and competitive modes, Rockstar announced.

The upcoming DLC pack includes a cattle prod, night stick, stun gun, pepper spray and bouncing betty projectiles to use during capturing and protecting rounds as well as to give particular disadvantages to the opposing team. Using a night stick against an opponent lumbers that player with poor vision, low health and low stamina once they re-spawn, for example, while using pepper spray will temporarily blind the targeted player.

Deathmatch Made in Heaven is available today for 800 MS Points on Xbox Live and $9.99 on PC and PlayStation Network across North America. The pack becomes available for European PS3 owners on Jan. 30.

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