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Amazon launches in-app purchasing service for Windows PC, Mac and browser games

Amazon has launched its in-app purchasing service, currently available for Kindle Fire and Android devices, for Windows PC, Mac and web-based games, the company announced today.

The service aims to provide a secure buying experience for Amazon members, who will be able to purchase in-game goods and currency using their Amazon accounts in games enabled with the service. Developers will collect payments using credit cards tied to users' accounts, Amazon gift cards and Amazon purchase credit. In return Amazon will collect 30 percent of the revenue from each purchase, the same amount collected from sales of whole applications. In-app items will also be available for purchase on Amazon's website and displayed on best seller and recommendation lists.

Developers and customers using Amazon's service will also have access to the company's fraud detection technology and customer service center.

"We're passionate about making game developers successful, and we'll continue to build services that make monetization easier and remove undifferentiated heavy lifting from developers," said Amazon Games director Mike Frazzini in a press statement. "Game developers build games that are used across multiple platforms and mediums. In-App Purchasing for Mac, PC and Web-based games is our latest service that helps game developers grow their business and increase their customer-base.

"For years, Amazon has focused on making the online shopping experience as frictionless as possible, and we are excited to share this expertise and technology so that game developers can offer customers this same great experience."

Games currently working to add Amazon's service include Sony and Loot Entertainment's Forsaken Planet, Free Range Game's free-to-play shooter Freefall Tournament and Rumble Entertainment's action RPG KingsRoad. Developers interested in integrating the service into their own titles can check out more information on Amazon's Game Connect hub page.

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