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Free-to-play racer RaceRoom Racing Experience launches open beta on Steam next week

Free-to-play racing simulator RaceRoom Racing Experience will go into open beta on Steam next week, developer SimBin Studios AB announced today.

RaceRoom Racing Experience is downloadable for free, with additional content including cars and tracks available for purchase using Virtual Race Points (vRP) that are tied to the Steam Wallet. Individual cars will be priced from 199 to 329 vRP (roughly $2.66 to $6.64). Tracks will cost between 349 and 549 vRP (about $6 and $13.50). SimBin will also offer track and car bundles "from time to time" and additional game modes for 99 vRP ($1.33).

Alongside the open beta, SimBin will include five free additional cars and six free track layouts for registered users. More vehicles, tracks and alternate game modes will also be available for purchase in the RaceRoom in-game store.

SimBin announced the title at Gamescom in August 2012, advertising RaceRoom as a "concept where a high end racing game is provided for free" and giving players access to a number of additional items for purchase to "build the game of their dreams."

Check out the teaser trailer above for a look at RaceRoom in action, including a peek at some of its available cars and track layouts.

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