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'Old-school' FPS Gun Commando coming to PlayStation Mobile on Jan. 23

Developer Green Hill Games is bringing its "old-school" first-person shooter Gun Commando to PlayStation Mobile tomorrow, Jan. 23, the developer's managing director Maarten de Koning announced on the PlayStation Blog today.

Created in collaboration with Abstraction Games and published by Ripstone, Gun Commando follows the style of classic first person shooters. The game features Wolvenstein and Duke Nukem-type gameplay with 8-bit graphics and graphic novel-style cutscenes drawn by artist Romano Molenaar, writes Koning.

Players take on the role of gun-for-hire Jack Bennett on a quest to save the world from an onslaught of aliens. The game features an upgrade system that rewards skill and accuracy with quicker, more effective upgrades. Green Hill Games has also tweaked the touchscreen controls for Gun Commando for quicker response times and tighter aiming precision.

"We're not fans of on-screen buttons, as we feel you need the tactile feedback from the buttons in order to be in full control, so we allow you to use your thumbs anywhere on the screen," Koning writes. "With these controls you'll be able to control Jack Bennett with unmatched precision."

Gun Commando will be available tomorrow for PlayStation Vita and all PS Mobile certified tablets and smartphones.

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