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Fighting game parody Divekick coming to PS3, PS Vita and PC

Iron Galaxy Studios, the team behind Street Fighter 3: Third Strike and Darkstalkers, is partnering with the developers at One True Game Studios to bring fighting game parody Divekick to PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita and PC this spring.

First developed by editor-in-chief Adam Heart, Divekick made a name for itself at last year's Ultimate Fighting Game Tournament 8 before hitting Kickstarter for an official PC release. Despite reaching its funding goal in less than a month, Heart cancelled the project when studio Iron Galaxy offered assistance in the development of the game.

"Once I played Divekick, I knew I had to steal it from its creator and reap the benefits for myself," said Dave Lang, head of Iron Galaxy Studios. "I look forward to seeing Divekick Cyber Athletes on cereal boxes in the near future."

Divekick is a two button-based fighting game with no directional movement, only giving players the ability to dive at and kick their opponents. The game will now feature GGPO-powered online support along with a single-player campaign as a result of the partnership.

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