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Resident Evil: Revelations producer discusses what's new for the non-3DS versions of the game

Resident Evil: Revelations ports detailed

As confirmed with a trailer release earlier today, 3DS horror title Resident Evil: Revelations is receiving worldwide ports to all current consoles and the PC this May. Famitsu magazine sat down with producer Tsukasa Takenaka in this week's issue to find out what players can expect from the ports.

As Takenaka puts it, the game (officially titled Resident Evil: Revelations Unveiled Edition in Japan) is practically a brand-new project in terms of getting the visuals up to HD standards. "A lot of people said the graphics were great on the original as well," he said, "but with this, it's not just about supporting HD resolutions. We've done much more to it than that. It's been upgraded to the point where you can find almost nothing that's the same visually as the original. For example, Chris has a carrying case in the snowy mountain sections, but this actually serves as a first-aid kit, and it comes with a small pair of scissors and other medical equipment. All those little details get depicted here."

Takenaka also discussed new features for gamers familiar with the 3DS title, including a new creature — a fleshy alien-like creature shown in the debut trailer. "This new creature is a type that hasn't been around before," he told Famitsu. "It serves to greatly change the tempo of the game. I think it's unique in that players will be faced with a decision whenever they have an encounter with it, like 'What's the best thing to do here?' You'll also run into the previous creatures in different situations from the original."

"This new creature is a type that hasn't been around before ... it serves to greatly change the tempo of the game."

Revelations' co-op Raid Mode is also getting a boost, from new weapons to the introduction of long-running RE supporting character Hunk. "There are more weapon types available in Raid Mode now," Takenaka said, "since collecting weapons is part of the whole charm of the thing. However, just throwing them all in would wreck the game balance, so all the enemy positions and items have been fine-tuned as well. Hunk is gifted in martial-arts moves, so I think he'll provide a different sort of fun from Jill and Chris. It'll be hard to replicate the StreetPass features on consoles, but we're thinking of ways to include them in some sort of workable form."

The Revelations ports will cost $49.99 and are due out May 21 in North America and May 24 in Europe.

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