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Audojo brings twin-stick gaming to your iPad in new Kickstarter campaign

Audojo, a twin-stick iPad case developed by a San Francisco-based team, has hit Kickstarter with a funding goal of $240,000 in an attempt to bring the new gaming addition to retail.

This new interface for iPads from second to fourth generation and adds two analog sticks, two triggers and a pair of external speakers. Audojo works by plugging into the headphone jack of the iPad, while battery life when used with a set of headphones is said to last for weeks; However, Audojo does not charge the iPad itself.

While games will have to be made compatible with this system, integrating new titles is said to be "super simple" as a Unity package is currently available for Unity developers. An SDK is also currently available in Objective-C.

If Audojo comes to retail, the device is planned to become available for purchase at roughly $100. As of now 200 Kickstarter backers can receive one by pledging $55 to the campaign, while pre-orders can be placed for $80 once all of those are gone.

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