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EarthBound launching on Japanese Wii U Virtual Console in March

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EarthBound, the celebrated SNES RPG known as Mother 2 in Japan, will be available on the Wii U Virtual Console in Japan this March, Nintendo announced today during a Japanese Nintendo Direct presentation, as translated by a NeoGAF user.

Mother 2 will be released on the Virtual Console as March's Trial Campaign game, with users able to purchase the RPG for 30 yen (approximately $0.34). The Trial Campaign celebrates the 30th anniversary of the NES, which launched in Japan as the Famicom in July 1983. Punch-Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream is the March game in North America.

The Virtual Console release of Mother 2 is also part of the Mother 2 Resurrection Festival, which brings the game back for its 19th anniversary — it was released in 1994 on SNES in Japan. The Virtual Console version of Mother 2 will include Miiverse functionality.