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Crysis 3 open multiplayer beta coming Jan. 29 to consoles and PC

An open multiplayer beta for Crysis 3, the final installment in Crytek's Prophet-focused first-person shooter trilogy, will begin on Jan. 29, according to a press release from publisher Electronic Arts.

The two week beta will be available on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Windows PC. It will include two team-based modes and two of the game's 12 multiplayer maps. Players interested in signing up for the beta will need an Origin account. You can find more information at the Crysis 3 website.

Crysis 3 will eventually support eight multiplayer modes. The beta will feature Hunter Mode, a 2 versus 10 battle that pits outnumbered players against their prey. Armed only with a bow and cloaking capabilities, each enemy they kill reincarnates to join their side. It will also include Crash Site Mode, a king of the hill battle, and the New York Feed, an in-game social component that displays friends' progress and offers challenges.

"With Crysis 3 we are delivering the deepest, most robust Crysis multiplayer experience yet," said Cevat Yerli, Crytek's CEO. "We have listened closely to our fans and have evolved the multiplayer in Crysis 3 by adding a host of new gameplay features including the unique Hunter mode, deadly new weapons like the Predator bow, deeper loadout and unlock options, enhanced upgrade systems and more social features like the New York Feed."

Crysis 3 is scheduled for release on Feb. 19 in North America and Feb. 21 in Europe. Make sure to check out the details on the game's pre-order bonuses, which include a copy of the original Crysis for the same platform on which you purchase Crysis 3. You can check out a trailer released today to coincide with the announcement above.

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