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Star Wars: The Old Republic Rise of the Hutt Cartel pre-orders come with exclusive title and items

Pre-order incentives for the first expansion of Star Wars: The Old Republic, Rise of the Hutt Cartel, include an exclusive character title and two special in-game items, BioWare and LucasArts announced today.

Players who pre-order will net the "Scourge of the Hutts" title as well as the Dr. Oggurobb Hutt Holostatue a portable training device wrought in the image of the scientist Dr. Oggurob and a Makrin Seedling Mini-Pet. The Makrin Seedling is a small creature with skin similar to bark and other fauna-like traits that can blend in with Makeb's forest environment.

Players without subscriptions can grab Rise of the Hutt Cartel for $19.99 while subscribers can purchase the expansion for $9.99. Those who pre-order before 5:59 p.m. ET on Jan. 7 will be granted access to the expansion five days prior to its public release.

Rise of the Hutt Cartel introduces a new storyline and missions centered around the planet Makeb and its sinister Hutt Cartel, and will be released this spring. Check out the screenshots above and the trailer posted below for a closer look at the expansion.

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