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Ouya chief executive hopes to bring creative gaming back to TVs

Julie Uhrman, chief executive of the crowdfunded video game console Ouya, wants to bring creative gaming back to a TV focus, according to a recent interview.

Speaking with VentureBeat, Uhrman explained that despite competitor hardware sporting its own game screen, like Nvidia's Project Shield, the "TV is the best screen for playing video games."

"That's what Ouya is about," Uhrman said. "We have seen all the creativity of the industry shift to mobile games. We want to bring that back to the TV through our box."

Development kits began shipping in December, but certain aspects of the console are still undergoing changes. The Ouya's controller is currently being fine-tuned, Uhrman said, and the system's final look and color are still unknown.

Ouya is expected to launch officially in March. Recent footage from Ouya owners shows that the system is capable of running both Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64 games. Launch titles will be announced as the system gets closer to release.

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