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Sony continues six-week mobile games giveaway with Beats Slider

Sony is continuing its six-week PlayStation Mobile giveaway this Wednesday with Beats Slider, a music-driven puzzle game in which players slide different note blocks to create songs.

According to FuturLab managing director James Mardsen, Beats Slider teaches players how to solver slider puzzles.

"If you play Beats Slider, you will learn how to solve every slider puzzle that will ever be made, whilst alos listening to catchy music."

Both PlayStation Mobile and PlayStation Vita owners can also download Beats Slider from the Mobile section on the PlayStation Store. Approved mobile devices include HTC, Xperia and Sony Tablets.

PlayStation mobile launched its six-week giveaway on Jan. 16, and will continue to hand out a free PlayStation Mobile title from its lineup every Wednesday. Last week's game was side-scrolling rhythm-action title Samurai Beatdown.

The next level of puzzles.

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