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Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Online gets new mode, map, trailer

The 0.10.0 update for PC shooter Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Online adds new content, including a game mode, additional maps and several general fixes, Ubisoft announced via press release.

Ubisoft also posted a new trailer called "Luck Don't Live Here" to outline a few of the Ghost Recon Online's features. Players will now be able to play in Holdout Game Mode, where teams fight over a single capture point. The mode capitalizes on teamwork and strategy.

Balaklava Sub Pen, the game's newest map, is designed specifically for Holdout. The map is inspired by a formerly classified Ukrainian underground facility that operated until 1993.

Part of the update also includes a tweak to clan matches, and players can now set up custom battles.

The update comes alongside the release of the Triton Pack, which adds naval themed maps and new armor. Triton is only available this month.

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