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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive update adds Deathmatch mode, sweeping balance changes

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Valve released a substantial update for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive today, making "significant" changes to weapon balance and gun recoil based on feedback from pro players. The update also introduces a new Deathmatch mode and kicks off a private beta for Steam Workshop support.

On the official Counter-Strike blog, Valve writes of "global changes to recoil that affect all weapons" and specific adjustments to rifles, pistols and the P90 submachine gun. Certain pricing adjustments have also been made, according to a lengthy changelog, with cheaper Molotov cocktails for the Terrorists and restrictions on two pistols.

The new Deathmatch mode is available on classic maps, Demolition maps and Arms Race maps. Valve writes that Deathmatch is a "useful way to learn a new map" and practice with individual weapons.

The Map Workshop for CS: GO is now in private beta and Valve is accepting beta applications from experienced map makers.