iOS Gaming Watch List: Bad Piggies, MechWarrior: Tactical Command, and The Last Express

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The most promising iPhone and iPad releases for September 27th, 2012.

Each week the iOS Gaming Watch List will inform you of some noteworthy releases coming to the App Store. Major releases tend to hit on Thursdays, so we'll be coming at you every Wednesday with the games to look out for, as well as some of the bigger content updates on the way. While this won't be a comprehensive list of games releasing for a given week, it does offer a quick selection of games and upates that show promise or look interesting for one reason or another. Worth noting that we have not played many of these games, so you shouldn't take these as short reviews. Think of this more like a helpful guide of games to investigate as they launch on Thursday.

Bad Piggies

While the Angry Birds were busy taking over the globe, their co-stars, the poor pigs, have not had the same chance to shine. That changes on September 27th, when Bad Piggies drops. It's a big departure from the Angry Birds style of play, focusing on creation rather than destruction. But don't take my word for it! Check out our early review of the game!(iPhone, iPad, Android, Price TBD)

MechWarrior: Tactical Command

The MechWarrior franchise has been on plenty of platforms before, but this is the first time it's gracing iOS. For its debut,MechWarrior: Tactical Command opts for top-down RTS gameplay rather than first-person mech combat. Seems like this genre would be better suited for the touch interface, though the price is liable to scare some iOS users away. (Universal, $9.99)

God of Blades

God of Blades is a strange amalgum of a few different genres. There's a bit of infinite runner, mixed in with the hack-and-slash RPG elements of Infinity Blade. And, to back this all up, an entertainingly retro style that calls to mind the '90s era of PC gaming. A golden age, to be sure. (Universal, $2.99)

The Last Express

Speaking of the '90s era of PC gaming, The Last Express is also making a comeback, this time in the form of a port to iOS. It's one of the more beloved point-and-click adventure games, and its appearance on iPad and iPhone should please many. And, hey, if you never played it, it's new to you! (Universal, $4.99)