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THQ president apologizes to staff who have lost their jobs, wishes others good luck

Jason Rubin apologies

The president of THQ, Jason Rubin, posted apologies to his company's former employees via Twitter after news came today that some of THQ's assets were successfully sold to new owners while others remained in the Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing.

In the series of tweets, Rubin wished good luck to the former THQ studios that have been purchased by other companies, as well as the companies that performed the purchases. "Good luck to Volition, Relic, THQ Montreal, Obsidian, Crytek, TurtleRock and 4A. Working with you has been an honor. You have my $60. @THQ" he wrote.

In earlier tweets he said he was "... truly sorry for the employees and fans of @vigilgames" and "... truly sorry for the @THQ employees that have lost their jobs. Please know that I did everything I could and understand your pain."

It is not yet known what will happen to THQ assets and studios that were not sold in today's auction.

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