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Disney Infinity could serve as a platform for movie tie-ins, Vignocchi says

Disney Infinity could put an end to tie-ins

Disney's planned sandbox game that combines the best of Pixar's and Disney's properties could mark the end of standalone movie game tie-ins from the company, excutive producer John Vignocchi said in an interview with VideoGamer.

Vignocchi said that Disney Infinity, which is set for a June release, could provide a platform where all game characters from different franchises can exist, saving the company from creating a standalone game based on Tangled, or Tron or Epic Mickey.

"Our idea was, what if we created a platform that all the content could live in?" he said. "From a development perspective, we can leverage all of the existing work that we've done, so that there may be another character similar to Mr. Incredible in terms of having super strength.

"You can imagine when you look at all of the different Disney properties and, you know, Iron Man, right, that we could actually leverage some of the mechanics we've already built for a character like Mr. Incredible to help add additional characters in, make them feel different and have an absolutely different experience. So we're not starting from scratch in that regard."

Vignocchi didn't rule out Disney inviting third-party developers to make standalone games, saying that it could give other developers the opportunity to create larger games based on Disney licenses. VideoGamer's full interview can be read here.