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Dead Island Riptide gameplay video reveals a fight for survival

The first gameplay footage of Dead Island Riptide offers a demonstration of one of the new features being brought to the sequel, hub-defense.

The 9-minute video posted above demonstrates the system in which the player scavenges for machine gun turrets which are then brought back to their base to defend against waves of zombies. The gameplay footage suggests turrets can only be placed in pre-defined areas around the base, while the player can also use chain-link fencing to seal entryways through to the base.

Boats are also a new addition to the zombie sequel and can be boarded by multiple characters, one to steer the boat while another fires a turret against enemy undead. These will become the only way to travel to areas of the island following a monsoon.

Dead Island Riptide launches on April 23 in North America for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

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