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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City coming to PSN Jan. 29

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City will be available for PlayStation 3 as part of PlayStation Network's PS2 Classics on Jan. 29, Rockstar Games announced.

"Ever since the releases of San Andreas for PSN and Vice City on iOS and Android, we've received more than a few requests from the community wondering when they'd be able to touch down at Escobar International and return to the neon-lit streets and sun-splashed shores of Ocean Beach on their PS3," the announcement post reads. "Today we can confirm that it won't be long now..."

Vice City fans can also pick up the recently released remastered EP for Love Fist, one of the game's fictional bands. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City will be available for $9.99. The game will also be available in Europe on Jan. 30 for £7.99.

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