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Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon to feature multiplayer

Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, Nintendo's 3DS sequel to the 2001 GameCube title, will feature a local and online multiplayer mode for the first time ever, Nintendo announced via press release.

The game's multiplayer will support up to four players, though additional systems and games might be needed. Dark Moon includes "Hunter Mode," where players must enter the ScareScraper and track down different ghosts as a team before time runs out. Fallen teammates can be revived, and if the group works together well, extra upgrades and bonuses will be earned. Players can also choose difficulty and how tall the ScareScraper runs, from five to 25 different levels, with a boss at the top of every tower.

Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon will launch exclusively for Nintendo 3DS on March 24. The game will be available at local retailers or as a download from the Nintendo eShop for $39.99. You can watch the trailer above.

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