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Ouya devs continue to make controller changes based on feedback

A recent post from the developers behind the Android-based, crowd-funded console Ouya revealed that feedback continues to affect the controller's design.

"Since the release of the Ouya Dev Console last month, developers around the world have sent us a ton of emails, comments, videos and forum posts ... all about our controller," the post reads. " A lot of feedback underscored things we were already changing, some comments were totally new, but all were great things to hear."

Ouya developers redesigned the controller's D-pad from a "disc" to a "cross" style, and the thumbsticks have been given a rubberized top for better grip. Other changes include a more responsive touch pad, triggers and a more secure battery bay.

The developers will continue to make changes based on consumer feedback.

"Don't stop telling us what to think — we can't do it without you," the post continues. "You know where to find us."

The Ouya is expected to release in March of this year. Dev kits began shipping in December 2012.

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