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Entire League of Legends team disqualified from Championship Series qualifying event

Developer Riot Games is adding to its list of League of Legends players disqualified from competing in its annual eSports competition after banning a team of players from competing in a Championship Series qualifying event in Poland.

The three players, Khaled Abusagr, Nicolaj Jensen and Simon Näslund, were disqualified from entering the event due to "toxic behavior," including verbal abuse and DDOS attacks against other competing users. According to Riot's final ruling, Absugar "fully violated every part of the Summoner's Code," Jensen "violated the Summoner's Code in a persistent and remorseless fashion" and Näslund "violated the Summoner's Code in a persistent and unapologetic fashion."

As these three players are part of the same team, known as Team Solo Mebdi, the entire team is now disqualified from the event.

"Of course, nobody wants to take actions like these so close to a tournament event," Riot's tribunal writes, "but it takes time to carefully investigate, review and uncover all of the relevant historical facts of players (especially when they've operated under multiple banned accounts), and we never make decisions like these lightly."

"As always, one of our top goals is to ensure that players seeking to compete in the LCS represent the principles of good sportsmanship and clean play."

Näslund's account is suspended for the course of the next 12 months while the accounts of Absugar and Jensen are suspended indefinitely.

This comes just days after the banning of two more professional eSports players from the game following reports of inappropriate behavior.

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