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Planetside 2 bans 'whole bunch of idiots' using aimbots

Sony Online Entertainment issued a round to bans yesterday to players using aimbots in Planetside 2, the company's free-to-play massively multiplayer first person shooter, according to a series of tweets from Sony president John Smedley.

"Our CS guys are banning the crap out of a whole bunch of idiots," Smedley wrote.

According to Smedley, among the banned were two players who had racked up 300 hours each of game time and an individual who spend $230 on additional in-game armor and goods.

"Buh bye," he tweeted later in the day. "Thanks for playing. Bunch of aimbots crashing like crazy now."

In the past, Smedley has been vocal about the developer's dedication to eradicating hackers and cheaters from Planetside 2, especially those who use aimbots programs that assist players in hitting targets. In December, Sony announced it would ban players who modded the game in any form, stating that adding UI modifications and programs that affect the Direct X application might lead to suspension.

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