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God Eater 2 screenshots show new weapons, setting and characters

Namco Bandai Games released a round of screenshots this morning for its upcoming action role-playing game God Eater 2, offering a glimpse at sets of new weapons, locations and characters that vary from its predecessor.

God Eater 2 is the sequel to God Eater Burst, released for PlayStation Portable in Japan in October 2010 and internationally in March 2011. Burst takes place in a post-apocalyptic world with players taking on the role of a young warrior set on destroying the Aragami, a race of monsters roaming the earth. Those who face and beat these creatures are called "God Eaters." Burst's single-player campaign includes over 100 missions, some utilizing local adhoc wireless for multiplayer co-op quests.

God Eater 2 takes place three years after Burst and focuses on the investigation of a strange "Red Rain" pandemic affecting survivors in a certain areas. The game's setting and characters will be different from its predecessor, and players will have access to new kinds of weapons.

God Eater 2 is slated to release later this year for PlayStation Vita and PSP. There is no word yet on a release date outside of Japan.

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