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Everyone Sing karaoke party game coming to PlayStation Network on Jan. 29

Karaoke party title Everyone Sing will be available through the PlayStation Network on Jan. 29, developer O-Games announced today in a post on the PlayStation Blog.

Everyone Sing will launch with 35 songs in its tracklist, including tunes from Nicki Minaj, Billy Ray Cyrus and Michael Bublé. Each song challenge supports up to four players using microphones, and challenges will differ based on the number of players participating. Players can multiply these challenge in Group Mode, which strings 10 songs together with gradually increasing difficulty.

In Everyone Party mode, up to eight players form teams and take part in five competitive minigames. Team Classic allows players to pick a song of their choosing and sing for the highest score. Last Man Standing grants two teams 10 lives each, and singing a line poorly will take away a life. Tug of War creates an on-screen rope that players can pull onto their side of the screen by singing well. In Party Mix, clips are mixed and matched from four different songs and strung together as a single tune, and Pass the Bomb requires players to sing flawlessly in order to pass a bomb to the opposite team before it goes off.

Everyone Sing supports USB connected and wireless microphones from singing game SingStar and Logitech Vantage USB Microphones, as well as microphones used with other PlayStation 3 titles. Check out the trailer above for a look at Everyone Sing in action.

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