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THQ employees pack up their desks as execs try to find them new jobs

Today, THQ corporate and Vigil employees who didn't survive this week's sell off were asked to pack up their desks and collect their last pay checks. Employment at the company headquarters for those who were no longer needed, concludes when the work day ends.

A Frequently Asked Questions memo provided to those employees, and shared with Polygon, details the process for leaving THQ.

The 18 questions and answers provided in the memo outline that employee health care ends Jan. 31, stock options become valueless after today, and that those working in America on a work visa sponsored by THQ will have to speak with the remaining THQ employees to find out where they stand.

Quite a bit remains up in the air as well. THQ, according to the memo, is working with the Creditor's Committee to sort through severance pay and unpaid vacation.

Under the $72 million in sales approved last night by a judge:

Vigil, developers of Darksiders, and other unnamed assets and intellectual properties will continue in the Chapter 11 process, according to the release. The company plans to continue to seek "appropriate buyers, if possible."

Reached for comment today, THQ president Jason Rubin told Polygon that all THQ assets "including every IP, and down to the last computer and printer will eventually be sold. We are working on process over the next few weeks. Any interested buyer should contact the company."

Rubin added that right now he's "focused on finding jobs for the employees and helping Vigil."

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