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THQ employees gather to pour one out for their homies

In a video posted on YouTube today, now-former THQ employees gathered around the office steps and poured out a Saints Row 40 oz. for their homies.

Check out the video above to see Neal Pabon, who worked in public relations and marketing for THQ, surrounded by his soon-to-be ex-coworkers. Pabon opens a very old 40, turns it sideways and pours one out "For all my past @THQ homies," as he later wrote on Twitter.

Jan. 25 was the last day of work for THQ employees whose positions didn't survive this week's auction. They were told to pack up their desks and collect their final paychecks, as outlined in a memo provided to employees and obtained by Polygon. You can check out more about THQ's final days in the storystream below.