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Wildman video explains how to fit an RTS into an action RPG, dev adds new Kickstarter tiers

A developer diary released Friday for Wildman takes viewers through the process of creating the action role-paying game/real-time strategy hybrid from Gas Powered Games.

Check out the video above to see Gas Powered Games' CEO Chris Taylor explain how the game's systems will intertwine. Pencil in hand, he starts with a blank canvas and sketches out the theories behind characters, skills and systems you'd expect to see in an RPG. Talylor also explains Wildman's "technology" system, which allows players to build and level up components like weapons, armor, magic with the RTS-like system.

Along with releasing the video, Gas Powered Games added two new pledge tiers to the Kickstarter campaign. The $5 tier will give posting privileges to Wildman blog, while the $10 tier includes access to a pre-release beta edition of the game.

Gas Powered Games announced Wildman's Kickstarter drive earlier this month, and Polygon spoke with Taylor at the time about the studio's new project. Days after the announcement, the developer announced company-wide layoffs that impacted "a substantial number of the team."

We spoke with Taylor again after the layoff announcement, when he told us that he was already trying to rehire and that Wildman's success on Kickstarter could "save GPG and the team."

As of this writing, backers of Wildman's Kickstarter campaign have pledged $323,930 of the $1.1 million goal with 20 days left.