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Black Ops 2 title update expands streaming, addresses bugs and tweaks gameplay

A title update for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 that expands live streaming, addresses bugs and applies gameplay tweaks is live on Xbox 360 and coming soon to PlayStation 3, according to a tweet from developer Treyarch.

The update adds support for live streaming in all public match playlists, inserts two new pages into your combat record to display a combat summary and medals and lowers the threshold for the on-screen low health indicator to make it easier to know when you're nearly dead. Treyarch posted a complete list of changes, including bug fixes and balancing tweaks to weapons, perks and scorestreaks on the game's official forum.

You can get a feel for the changes right now on Xbox 360, where the game is running a double XP weekend alongside its soon-to-be-updated PlayStation 3 counterpart. In between matches, you can also read up on our hands-on with Black Ops 2's upcoming Revolution expansion and its new "hybrid" weapon, the Peacekeeper.

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