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World of Tanks 'Rise of the Americas' event suspended

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The second phase of World of Tanks' Rise of the Americas: Unclaimed Glory Clan Wars event is suspended and the entire event will be restarted in its entirety, developer announced on its official website.

According to the studio, plans are underway to revamp this event in order to work out technical bugs, change the structure of the event so more clans can participate regardless of size or skill and to communicate how the event will take place more clearly.

"We want this event to allow as many clans to participate as possible, not to mention for it to be fun and enjoyable as well," reads a statement from the studio explaining their decision to suspend the event. "And quite frankly, we feel that we have not achieved these goals. We've decided to suspend, revamp, and restart the event." has yet to offer an exact date for when the event will restart; however, the studio states it will require a number of days to work on fixing the issues mentioned and to give players time to prepare.

"We apologize for any inconveniences that the handling of this event has caused," the statement continues. "We are very excited to bring you all of these new Clan Wars activities; unfortunately, we had a few misfires and the event didn't come together properly. We have one of the most dedicated and passionate communities in the game industry, and you deserve the best event support possible."