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Fallen Frontier canceled as former Bungie devs announce Third Eye Crime

Moonshot Games, a studio launched by a number of former Bungie developers, has canceled its previously in-development title Fallen Frontier; however, the studio is now working on a new title called Third Eye Crime.

Third Eye Crime, a stealth-based puzzle game for iPad, is scheduled to hit this spring. The game revolves around an art thief with telepathic abilities and takes place in a film noir-styled environment.

"I'll be writing a post on FF in the coming weeks, but the short answer is, FF is not going to happen," wrote Moonshot co-founder Damián Isla in a post responding to comments on the official Third Eye Crime announcement. "We're pretty bummed, of course. We'll tell as much of that story as we can at some point."

Fallen Frontier, which first reared its head during the studio's PAX East 2011 Indie Showcase, was a 2D co-op title with gameplay featuring a system of grappling hooks.

Third Eye Crime will be featured in the PAX East 2013 Indie Showcase beginning March 22 and ending March 24 in Boston.

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