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DayZ-inspired Arma 2 mod created as a prequel to Bohemia's standalone title

International nonprofit PC gaming group the GamersPlatoon Organization has developed a new Arma2 mod that aims to be a prequel to Bohemia Interactive's upcoming standalone zombie survival title DayZ.

DayZ: Origins is an independent project "inspired and based on" Bohemia's mod-turned-game. The mod takes places on an adapted version of DayZ's Taviana community map and features new locations. These includes the isolated Salvation Island, populated by wealthy refugees who have built a walled community protected by hired mercenaries. Players who get into Salvation Island will gain access to "their finest weaponry and supplies" for use out in the mod's open-world.

The mod also includes a mysterious character called "Patient Zero," a mutant super zombie that GamersPlatoon insinuates could be the source of DayZ's zombie outbreak. Capturing or destroying Patient Zero may help find a cure for the spreading zombie plague.

Players can also build vehicles, something Bohemia's DayZ hopes to add in the coming months, as well as taking advantage of a persistent character leveling system, the ability to scavenge inside abandoned buildings and a day/night cycle that switches every four hours,

Check out the teaser trailer above for a look at DayZ: Origins in action. Arma2 players can download the mod at it's official website.

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