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Turtle Rock Studios came out of THQ auction 'in an awesome position,' co-founder says

The rights to developer Turtle Rock Studios' game Evolve were sold to publisher Take-Two during the recent THQ auctions, but co-founder Phil Robb is excited about moving forward.

During the auctions, Turtle Rock was a second bidder with $250K to Take-Two, who took the winning bid with $10.8 million. Evolve, a cooperative action game, will likely be published by 2K, one of Take Two's subsidiaries. Robb recently spoke with VentureBeat about being outbid and denied any disappointment.

"From our perspective, we came out of the proceedings in an awesome position," Robb said. "We are super excited to be moving forward with 2K."

Despite Robb's excitement over the new partnership, he expressed sadness over THQ's disassembling.

"Obviously, we're really sad to see things dissolve for THQ, we really had a great relationship with them," Robb said. "Regardless of who we ended up with, we were rooting for THQ to come out of this intact and get a chance to turn things around."