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Former Konami producer looks forward to 'escaping' Silent Hill for awhile

Following his recent departure from Konami, former Silent Hill producer Tomm Hulett told Joystiq that he is excited by the idea of exploring new territory in gaming.

Speaking with the publication, Hulett explained that though he does hope to return to horror someday, he's okay with the time away from Silent Hill. Hulett produced both Silent Hill: Shattered Memories and Silent Hill: Book of Memories.

"During my time at Konami, I spearheaded Rocket Knight, and of course Contra 4 ... so I'm looking forward to escaping Silent Hill for a bit and exploring the rest of the gaming landscape again."

Hulett will act as a director at developer WayForward. Specific details on his upcoming projects are still unknown, though Hulett is excited about being "even more involved in game development — my calling, you know. "

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