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ESL announces new independent Dota 2 tournament with $156K prize pool

ESL launches Dota 2 tournament

Broadcaster ESL TV recently announced a new Dota 2 tournament based on its ESL Major Series with a prize pool of $156,000.

ESL's Dota 2 RaidCall EMS One will offer $156,000 in prizes split over four seasons in 2013. It is the largest prize pool offer for a Dota 2 tournament outside Valve's own International tournament, which boasts a $1.6 million prize pool with the first placed team taking home $1 million.

The tournament will pit "the best teams from Europe" against each other over the four seasons, all of which will be broadcast by ESL TV with the "best matches presented live by [a] Dota 2 caster." Tournament organizers posted to Reddit saying that there are plans to include teams from America and Asia in future EMS One tournaments.

A concurrent Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament will also be held by ESL with a prize pool of the same value. Information on registration for both tournaments will be announced soon.