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Little Inferno coming to iPad Jan. 31

Little Inferno, a game about children burning their toys for warmth, is coming to iPad on Thursday Jan. 31 after originally releasing on the Wii U and PC, the developers announced on the game's website.

The result of a collaboration between the developers of World of Goo and Henry Hatsworth, Little Inferno tasks players with throwing their most prized possessions into a fireplace in order to stay warm on a planet that is freezing over.

Developer Kyle Gabler said back in December that the game was inspired by the Yule Log TV program, which is the burning log that can be found on TV during winter time in hotel rooms.

"We thought, ‘Man, that's a super boring game that some awful company will make for the Wii or smartphones.' And then, ‘Wait, We could be that awful company! I wonder if we can start with an exceptionally underwhelming premise, but then actually make the game surprisingly good?'" Gabler said.

After its release, the National Fire Protection Association found the game concerning because it encouraged the "use of fire as a toy." The Association is currently calling for Nintendo to "reconsider Little Inferno."

The game will come to iPad on Jan. 31 and will be free of in-app purchases, ads and spam. There are also GameCenter achievements for those who connect to GameCenter.

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