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Ouya game jam results in 166 prototypes over 10-day period

The Ouya game jam, which came to an end on Jan. 23 after designers were given a 10 day period to develop a title for the upcoming console, resulted in 166 game prototypes, Ouya and Kill Screen announced.

A full list of prototypes can be found on the official Kill Screen website, where users can help support their favorite titles by sharing them on social networking sites. Games that receive higher recognition from the public are more likely to win prizes during the judging process.

These prototypes will be judged by a team that includes Phil Fish of Fez fame, Canabalt's Adam Saltsman, SpellTower's Zach Gage, Xbox co-creator Ed Fries and Felicia Day of The Guild, while the competition itself features $45,000 in prizes.

The game that features the "highest level of overall excellence" will win a $20,000 grand prize and a bonus prize of $5,000 if the developer completes the game to launch on Ouya.