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Fable developer releases first gameplay video for Rogue Star

Former Fable developer James Duncan released the first gameplay video of his upcoming iOS title Rogue Star, offering a look at space combat and in-game trading.

Duncan previously helped in the development of Fable 2 and Fable 3 prior to creating his own studio, called RedBreast. The studio's iOS offering, Rogue Star, is said to take its influence from the likes of Elite, Tie Fighter and Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe. The game takes place in a prison-like star system where criminals are sentenced to live. The player, who controls a ship through on-screen controls, navigates this star system, fights off space pirates and trades with others.

Rogue Star launches on iPhone this spring, while an iPad version is scheduled for later. A version for Android devices may potentially come to life as well. While no price point has been decided as of yet, Duncan states the game will not feature in-app purchases.

Redbreast is a three-man studio featuring former Dungeon Keeper developer Mark Stacey and concept artist Dennis Gustafsson, alongside Duncan.