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Wildman developer demonstrates new mod tool and platform Project Mercury

Gas Powered Games' Chris Taylor gives a demonstration of the studio's mod tool and web platform, Project Mercury, in the latest Kickstarter update for the struggling Wildman action RPG.

The development suite, which Taylor refers to as an "infinite desktop," is "like having a warehouse that's infinitely big. You never put anything away," he says. "You can manage space. It's all just always there."

Taylor goes on to describe that its user can leave the desktop at the office, then log in to access his desktop remotely from home as the system is 100 percent persistent. Project Mercury is also compatible with dual monitors.

"This is not something that we can take too much credit for," Taylor goes on to say. "This is the power of HTML5."

Taylor also demonstrates in depth how users can mod any game by connecting the modding editor to other apps that do more specific functions, using a visual tether. This also easily allows the user to see what is being rendered in 3D automatically. The full detailed demonstration is available in the video above.

The studio is currently encouraging users to take to their comments board and ask questions about the new tech.

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