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Dead Space 3 includes four unlockable game modes

Dead Space 3 will include New Game Plus, Classic, Pure Survival and Hardcore modes for players to choose from, executive producer Steve Papoutsis revealed on the Dead Space developer blog.

Each mode is included on-disc and can be unlocked after beating the game once. New Game Plus will allow players to start a new file with previous upgrades and arsenal. Classic mode, which Papoutsis calls "for the DS1 veterans out there," is single-player only, uses classic aiming and requires players to build weapons from blueprints.

Pure Survival mode is for those who like survival horror and resource management. Only enemies will drop resources, and players won't be able to find extra ammo, health or weapon parts.

The game's final mode is for players seeking a serious challenge. Hardcore mode only grants players one life for the entire campaign.

"Choice is very important in Dead Space 3, and I'm so happy that we made Dead Space 3 a game that respects player choice," Papoutsis said.

Dead Space 3 launches Feb. 5 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Windows.