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Neverwinter beta dated, Founder's Packs ensure entry starting in February

Neverwinter, Cryptic and Perfect World Entertainment's upcoming MMORPG, will kick off its beta testing process next month with the first of three weekend-long stress tests, the companies announced yesterday evening.

The first beta weekend will run Feb. 8-10, the next exactly one month later from March 8-10, and then shortly after that the final weekend will run March 22-24.

There will be several ways to gain access to the beta, such as through promotional codes distributed through PC Gamer, at events like PAX East and through community giveaways. However, folks who want to ensure access to all three weekends can purchase a premium Founder's Pack, the contents of which were recently detailed by Kotaku.

The Guardian of Neverwinter pack costs $59.99 and includes guaranteed access to the beta weekends, a three-day head start into the open beta, and an exclusive armor piece, mount, companion and in-game "Founder" title. The more extravagant $199.99 Hero of the North pack includes a five-day headstart to the beta, an additional beta invite to share with a friend, and a bevy of in-game content, the most important of which being an exclusive playable Drow race with unique racial abilities.

If you pre-ordered Torchlight 2, or purchased the RaiderZ Elite Pack, you'll also have guaranteed access to the latter two of the beta weekends.

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