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Guild Wars 2 update to tweak dungeon spawn points, focus on teamwork

An upcoming update for Guild Wars 2 will bring changes to dungeon spawning mechanics that are designed to foster teamwork, according to a recent post on the game's website by Robert Hrouda, a content designer for ArenaNet's massively multiplayer online role-playing game.

The update will roll out in two phases, though the developer hasn't revealed the release dates. The first update will revamp the game's "res-rushing" feature, which currently lets players use a waypoint to respawn instantly and charge back to battle. In an attempt to foster cooperation, that behavior will end after the update.

"Dungeons were designed to be highly focused on teamwork," Hrouda wrote. "The current res-rushing mechanic discourages the type of behavior we intended when a fellow player goes down. We hope that by eliminating res-rushing, we'll bring dungeons more in-line with our original design goals, which are based around team play and strategy."

ArenaNet has also studied its data and is re-balancing those areas in which most res-rushing took place. The developer will provide "a full list of changes" in the patch notes.

The second phase of the update will include changes to bosses and enemies, and the developers will be taking "a good, hard look" at every boss and dungeon.

Hrouda invited players with thoughts or feedback to bring them to the Guild Wars 2 forums.

Earlier this month, alongside an announcement that the MMO had sold 3 million copies since launch, AreaNet announced plans for additional content as well as changes to Guild Wars 2's achievements and reward systems.

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