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Capcom details the rolling Volvidon of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

Capcom offers a glimpse into the combat style of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate's fanged beast Volvidon in its latest blog post on Capcom-Unity.

Volvidon is found in a volcano habitat, an environment causes the player's health to slowly deplete before passing out, making Cool Drink items a necessity. The monster is designed with an armadillo-like shell and is able to roll into a ball to attack the player and their companions. In addition, Volvidon will spit a paralyzing ball at the player to paralyze its target, and has the ability to whip out his tongue to pull the player into hitting distance.

Volvidon can finally perform a "break wind" ability that prevents the player from eating or drinking items mid-combat; However, the Deodorant item can neutralize this ability.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is scheduled to release March 2013 on Nintendo 3DS and Wii U.