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Wildstar developers map out their New Years resolutions with a focus on fan feedback

Carbine Studios, the developer behind upcoming MMO Wildstar, have mapped out their New Years resolutions in bullet point form on the game's official blog.

Over the course of 2013, the developer plans to focus on fan feedback using various methods. While the game's official website will be the "central repository" for the Wildstar community, Carbine will pay close attention to Facebook, Reddit, gaming forums, and guild websites to engage with and respond to fans. The studio also promises to set up livestreams to create player-integrated design meetings, while users who offered worthy suggestions on the site's forum may get a phone call from the developers asking them to discuss their design concepts in further detail.

Carbine hopes to experiment with new approaches to the MMO community, stating "we won't be afraid to try new things, even if they should fail, because we think the end result will be a closer relationship between the players and ourselves." Finally, Wildstar's beta will allow players to offer feedback which will shape the game.

"Too many "beta" releases these days tend to be at a point where it's too late for feedback to make any large impact in the game," reads the blog post. "We want our beta to be different, to be an opportunity for players to tell us whether our direction is right or wrong. And if it's wrong, we'll fix it together with you."

The NCsoft-published Wildstar is set on a mysterious planet on the edge of space. It currently has no release date.

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