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DmC: Devil May Cry gameplay footage offers more information on Dante's heritage

Limbo is not a safe place for DmC: Devil May Cry's bombastic hero Dante, and uncovering the secrets of his devilish-angelic heritage is no cakewalk either, as shown in a new video of gameplay footage posted by Eurogamer.

The video posted above walks viewers through the game's ninth story mission, a nighttime jaunt through the world of Limbo. Dante must navigate a castle that has been flipped upside down and warped into a demon-stuffed version of its original incarnation, making his way to a mid-game boss for a bloody showdown. Dante must also recover a mechanical eye belonging to a demon who has been imprisoned in the warped castle, and after doing so is rewarded with a not-so-heartwarming story about his heritage.

DmC: Devil May Cry will be released on Jan. 15 for PlayStation and Xbox 360 and on Jan. 25 for PC.

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