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Radio the Universe indie action RPG racing up Kickstarter stretch goals

Action role-playing game Radio the Universe from indie developer 6e6e6e is steadily blowing through its stretch goals with 20 days remaining in its funding campaign, according to stats on the project's Kickstarter page.

Radio the Universe kicked off its campaign on Dec. 21 and met its funding goal of $12,000 in under 48 hours. At the time of writing, the project is just over $33,000.

The plot centers around an unnamed female who has been asleep for "aeons," "patiently waiting for her life to end." The game's setting, a city built like a maze, shows heavy cyberpunk influence. Gameplay is from a top-down perspective and includes platforming and strategy elements.

Developer 6e6e6e cites Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Dark Souls, Hotline Miami and Japanese surreal homebrew adventure game Yume Nikki as some of her influences, and calls the game's style a combination of "classic Zelda and dark science fiction."

Radio the Universe will also include hand-drawn cutscenes and a character progression system in which players collect and arrange upgrade pieces on a grid to unlock specific power bonuses and abilities.

The first two stretch goals have already been met. For $20,000 6e6e6e has promised to expand the Upper City Area of the game's mysterious labyrinth, making it into a three-part mid-game hub. The $27,000 goal brought a system for secondary weapons, adding drones, explosives and other similar tools to players' arsenal. The Kickstarter is currently approaching its $34,000 goal of adding another artist to the team and creating twice as many cutscenes.

Check out the Radio the Universe Kickstarter page for more information as well as artwork, a video and samples from the game's soundtrack.

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