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David Jaffe says 'the individual game maker' and virtual teams can combat industry disruption

God of War and Twisted Metal creator David Jaffe believes that talented individuals working on virtual teams can soften the disruptive blows that have hit developers over the last few years, according to an interview published on Spong.

"The other interesting thing about all of this is the seemingly growing transient nature of the individual game maker, regardless of position on the team," Jaffe said. "What the constant layoffs have done is create a 'sure, no job is forever, but these days most jobs are not even long term' conditioning within the game dev community. Because of this we are seeing two trends, one I consider very bad, one I consider very exciting."

The bad trend is that creators can't settle in one area because work tends to be short term. The "exciting" trend, according to Jaffe, is that geography matters less because "we are seeing more and more teams work out of virtual offices."

Last year, after developing Twisted Metal for PlayStation 3, Jaffe announced that he was leaving Eat Sleep Play to develop a free-to-play, browser-based third-person shooter.

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